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Kim Howerton is a Metabolic Health Coach and recipe creator who works with people who have spent much of their life struggling with their weight.

She feels uniquely qualified to do so, as that is how she spent most of her own life. From her first diet at 8, her life became defined by her weight and inability to lose it.

Meet Rover

About Me

Until she found Keto, all the excess weight fell off magically, and she was transported to a size 6 with a closet filled with designer labels, all donated for free in praise of her magical accomplishments.

Just Kidding.

Like all real-life stories, it was a bit more complicated than that.

In truth, Kim finding Keto was indeed an incredible life-changing experience. That life change was the lynchpin that allowed her to change her life. She’s since lost over 100 pounds and now enjoys the kind of health and life she never dreamed would be possible.

But along the way there’s been a lot of tweaking, unlearning, relearning, experimentation and deep work to really understand metabolism in a way that has allowed her to finally feel in control of her health and her weight.

She credits her long Keto Stall – where she felt like she was flailing and failing - as what forced her to dive deep and learn skills that allowed her not just to solve her own struggles but to empower others to solve theirs.

She now runs programs specifically designed for folks who seem to have lost their “easy” button.

The Turning Point

At a point in my 30’s I’d had enough of not being enough. And I went on a journey to learn to love myself. And… it mostly worked. I learned to love myself… but honestly there was an “in spite of” attached to it.

This newfound confidence enabled me to give weight loss another try. I threw myself into a restrictive diet and for the first time in a very long time, managed to lose weight. And I was miserable. How could I be dedicated to pleasure… but my eating was about deprivation? The diet did not stick, and sadly neither did the weight loss.

As I headed into my 40’s, and I realized I was well on my way to developing diabetes, my knees always hurt, I was exhausted, I was uncomfortable in little chairs and … I can not deny that my heart was a little broken to think that I’d spend the rest of my life shopping in the plus size section.

And I just knew I had to find another way.

I’d read Gary Taubes, and the only real success I’d had with losing weight was doing low carb… but it seemed such a joyless way to eat that I found it depressing to face a life that did not include pastry.

And then I found Keto.


There were false starts. There were misunderstandings about how Keto could work for me. But ultimately it has become the path that has brought me the relationship with food that I’ve always dreamed of.

Food has become joyful; indulgent but not obsessive. I stopped feeling like an addict constantly on the hunt for another hit.

The weight is coming off and I no longer fear regain because there is nothing unsustainable about my eating. This is not a “diet” I can’t wait to be over. This is a life I am happy to live forever.

After spending close to a decade coaching people on living their best lives, I knew I had to include Keto in my toolbox to help people. I want to shout it from the rooftops that this exists! Keto has turned my health around in so many ways. I feel so moved to help others on their journey to living the life of their dreams: body, mind and spirit.

Kim Over The Years


Before Keto


The Weight Loss Journey

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