Strawberry FroYo Creami

My boyfriend and I are IN LOVE with our Ninja Creami! What we thought would be a fun gimmick has been a life changing addition to our kitchen! I find we all like our Creami differently, but I get a lot of requests on how I make them- so here you go! Feel free to play with flavors- different yogurt flavors and or add ins!


2 containers (about 10 oz) Two Good Yogurt - Vanilla and or Strawberry... or any flavor you want. (If you tolerate more carbs, Dannon Light and Fit are also great.)
1/2 cup liquid - can use (lower carb) Milk, Almond/nut milk, or a liquid protein shake like fairlife (vanilla or strawberry)
Optional but recommended:
1-2 T Sugar-Free Strawberry Torani
1-2 T Allulose really improves the texture (but will make it sweeter, so keep that in mind to tastes)
Chopped Berries for Mix in at end


Put yogurt, 1/3-1/2 cup liquid and any syrups or allulose in freezer cup and mix well. Make sure it's flat and freeze overnight.

When ready to serve, process on Lite Ice Cream setting
chop 1-2 oz berries. Open container, add berries and 2-4 T liquid (low carb milk or protein shake will deliver best texture) and process on "mix in"

I'll eat 1/2 for a modest serving, or the whole thing if needing something more substantial.

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